Aqua Fit Classes

There are those of you reading this that will dismiss Aqua fit classes because maybe you are not a confident swimmer. The good news is; most of the exercises are done in an up-right position – you have nothing to worry about; most Aqua Fit classes take place in the shallow end of swimming pools. Besides, in making excuses, you are missing out on a physical activity which increases the body’s intake of oxygen and increases the heart rate without the wear and tear that goes hand in hand with some other exercise routines.

So, what makes Aqua fit classes so successful and productive when it comes to general fitness and well-being? Firstly it uses water resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. This type of class provides 12 times the resistance of land-based classes. Water causes the body to be more buoyant reducing the amount of strain put on joints and muscles – making it a good water based exercise for a whole range of people: youth through to older adults, males and females, athletes, dancers, rehabilitation and accident recovery patients, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, those with mobility challenges and post-natal mums. In addition, water has a therapeutic quality, and by combining water with exercise, serotonin production is maximised.

There is a myth that the body is only at its calorie burning peak when it is in physical pain or sweating profusely. Not exclusively so; this type of water-based class offers aerobic exercise that burns calories and tones your body – where the ‘no pain no gain’ theory does not apply. Burning calories is not exclusive to studios where you have to pound on floors or road-run for miles. Imagine – working your key muscle groups without even feeling it because you are in the water! The thoughts alone make Aqua fit very attractive and enticing as a workout.

There are Aqua Fit classes available in nearly every town in Ireland. Dooradoyle Leisure Club in Limerick run classes and those who attend this class say it gives them an excellent workout, and it has increased both their aerobic and muscular fitness without the risk of high impact moves. Castle Leisure Club in Moneen, Castlebar, run an action packed water workout and they welcome non-swimmers. Similar classes are run in the Westgrove Leisure Club in Clane. Chances are, your local gym will be running aquafit classes so contact them for more details..

No, it isn’t easy getting into a swim-suit if you are attending a class to lose weight but one could see it as an additional motivation to lose weight and tone up. Aqua fit will take care of that part for you. Another added aesthetic advantage to these classes is that they naturally cool the body giving you a more comfortable work out than land based exercise. That means no more red puffy faces and sweaty armpits! So, take that leap of faith into that pool if you want Aqua fit as part of your exercise routine. They will be calling you AQUA FIT before you know it!