Are you Bored of Working Out? Try Dancing Your Way Back to Fitness

Are you sick of the treadmill and endless hours working out with gym equipment? Maybe it is time to inject some zest, vitality, and enthusiasm back into your workouts and dance your way to fitness. The latest dance based workout routines are a fantastic way to shape up without the tedium that goes with some conventional workouts. Check out some dance classes at your own local gyms, you may be surprised by what is on offer.


This is the workout for party people. Zumba is a combination of Latin and other world music genres such as reggae, salsa, merengue, and mambo. The vibe is upbeat with choreographed moves that are exciting, exhilarating, and easy to follow and guaranteed to get your body moving and blood pumping. Benefits include huge calorie burn, total body toning, weight loss, and increased fitness. Zumba is for people who hate the gym – the addictive nature of the workout and music keeps you coming back for more.

Adult Ballet

Starting ballet in adulthood is not something many of us consider as we have preconceived notions of the years of training and strength required. However, many adults are returning to ballet to improve their fitness in a workout with a difference and it is easy to see why. Total body conditioning, graceful moves, ease of movement and improved posture are only a few of the benefits that regular ballet classes deliver.


For something different, try Bokwa. This innovative dance workout programme combines South African tribal war dances with an intense cardio workout. The steps have been designed using letters, words, and numbers, which mean there is an easy and efficient way for the instructor to communicate the moves. This workout improves flexibility, burns a mass of calories, and has psychological benefits that lift mood and help you to de-stress. The soundtrack of African, House and Latin beats will have you moving and burning body fat without realising

Pole Dancing

This takes place at the gym or studio so forget any ideas about seedy nightclubs! Pole dancing is a novel way to burn off calories while having great fun with a class of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. This appealing workout will give you a superb way to tone up thighs, arms and abs. The pole will help to improve physical strength in all skeletal muscles and your core and the results show up quite quickly with toned and firmed muscle. Pole dancing is physically challenging using every muscle and muscle group in your body, intensively targeting specific muscles through their full motion range. Different levels of intensity mean there are classes suited to everyone.

Bollywood Dancing

What better way to burn off the calories from last night’s curry by performing some moves in a workout inspired by the vibrant, enchanting colourful movies with lavish dance routines made in Bollywood (Mumbai formerly Bombay). This Indian dance form is expressive and provides a wonderful workout in a fast moving style. The workouts fuse classical Indian moves with hip-hop, folk and Latin. With the pulsating rhythm of the music that consists of strong beats, a Bollywood workout is a great way to fitness.

There are additional health and fitness benefits to add to those already linked with dance exercise. Bollywood dance benefits include boosting rhythm and coordination as it requires full engagement with the music. You will soon notice improved aerobic ability, toned muscles, and fat loss.

Bollywood dancing is a great stress reliever providing a fun, happy version of traditional Indian dance. It is a great pick me up for anyone leaving you feeling energised and buoyant after your workout.

As you can see, there are many ways to dance yourself to fitness. There is nothing like some pulsating music to lift spirits and get you into the mood to move your body. Not only do you feel great, have fun, and enjoy a social aspect, but you will also burn body fat, tone muscle and become fitter in a way that is enjoyable. Instead of looking at your watch and wondering why the time is dragging by as you pound that treadmill, you will be amazed at where the time has gone. These dance workouts can be used as a total fitness routine or as a boost when you need some motivation in your exercise programme.

Denise Colebrook