Personal Training

For programmes we recommend clients to take a personal training session with one of our Personal Trainers in Ozone Personal Training programme. This way the client can get an individualised programme and advice on nutrition and lifestyle etc and take that to the gym where instructors will be on hand to clarify and correct anything you are not sure of. It is vital to get a proper programme from fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainers rather than beginner fitness instructors like in 99% of gyms. Clients can get an induction from on site fitness instructors if they wish on how to use all the equipment but they are not allowed to do programmes. Ozone Health & Fitness stands for quality and results. It is difficult to stay motivated and deep on track when going it alone. Whereas when you have a person trainer it becomes teamwork and when you are falling off the wagon you have someone there to re-motivate you and keep you going. For results one must factor in the psychological side of training as well as the physical. Also critical are nutrition and lifestyle management. Anyone who gives it 100% will get incredible and fast results and most importantly will maintain them for life. The Services and rates are as follows: We have 2 main services – one to one Personal Training and Group Personal Training With one on one, each client is assigned a personal trainer, who then designs a programme to suit their specific goals and lifestyle. Your Personal Trainer will be with you for the full session. You will also receive and individualised nutritional programme. It is a private club thus no overcrowding. Basically whatever the client wants they will get. The trainer will motivate and educate you in training, nutrition and lifestyle management. Also we give people programmes to do if they’re in other gyms or want to exercise at home or while on holidays/business trips. Basically everything is covered...
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