GloHealth Fit4life

fit4life running groupsGloHealth Fit4life is a training programme for runners, catering for all levels from complete beginners to more advanced joggers. The programme helps participants to achieve improved levels of fitness and wellbeing within a club structure by providing support and guidance within a sociable environment.

Participants are grouped by ability for training sessions, so that even those with very limited levels of fitness will rarely find themselves out of their depth and many of the beginner levels will incorporate walking with jogging until fitness improves. After an appropriate amount of time walking will progress to jogging and running. No previous experience of running is needed to join.

The fit4life programme has become very popular. The success lies in the support and camaraderie provided within the group environment. Knowing that there are others of similar fitness levels striving alongside provides extra motivation and can also provide a more enjoyable and fun experience. Research has also shown that people who train in a group are more likely to stick with that training.

Those who stick with the programme will reap the rewards by improving fitness and gaining new friends. There will also be the option of joining upcoming events such as 5k and 10k runs in the future. But even without taking it onto competition level, regular exercise and improved fitness can be a huge gain in terms of improved mood and happier lifestyle.

To find a GloHealth Fit4life programme near you, view the following link – – There is also the option to set up your own club if there is not one located within easy reach.