Irish Aerial Creation Centre

aerial-creationIreland’s first Aerial Art Centre will open it’s doors in June 2015. The centre will offer classes in areas such as Aerial Yoga, Hoop, Trapeze, Harness work, Wall running and more. Classes are available for all ages from the very young (2-7years) to teenagers & onto adults. Group classes are available so contact the centre if these might be of interest.

The Irish Aerial Creation Centre (IACC) is a place for people to unlock their creativity. It is a centre for the creation and education of Aerial Arts in Ireland. The Irish Aerial Creation Centre will be the only purpose-fit space for aerial circus in Ireland. It is for world-class aerialists, enthusiasts, hobbyists and pure beginners alike.

What is Aerial Dance?
Aerial Dance and Aerial Circus is an art form made world famous by Cirque du Soleil. It is a highly skilled discipline that involves performing on apparatus such as trapeze, hoop, fabric and rope at heights between 6metres to 40metres in the air.

More Details
Tel. Annette on 089 4329060

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