Weight Loss Tea – Therapie Galway

If you are tired of the traditional dieting methods then Therapie laser clinic in Shop street Galway have an alternative solution you may be interested in. Cho Yung tea is flying off their shelves at the moment. The tea uses an ancient Chinese recipe to help boost metabolism, remove harmful toxins and increase energy levels which helps to speed up weight loss.
The powerful anti-oxidants used in the ingredients are essential in removing harmful toxins from the body, these toxins will have been mainly derived from poor eating habits or over indulgence during the festive period.
The average person consumes up to 7,000 calories just on Christmas Day alone, so it is little wonder then that this time of year our bodies could use a little assistance in getting rid of some of the excess toxins and weight.
So if you feel like a cuppa why not call in to Therapie and try out the benefits for yourself..