FLYEfit Gyms, Dublin

logo_35Thinking about joining a gym but don’t like the idea of committing yourself to a 12-month contract? Then a FLYEfit gym might be what you are looking for.

Many people are no longer willing to commit to a 12-month contract when they know that they simply will not get the full use out of such an arrangement. With monthly membership comes extra choice, if you find yourself too busy, get injured or simply succumb to laziness, there is the opportunity to opt out or pause your membership without a hefty sum coming out of your bank account every month. FLYEfit is a modern chain of gyms that has recently opened in Dublin and caters to those who are looking for quality fitness facilities at an affordable price.

It is the lack of a contract and the low cost membership married with high quality equipment that are the real drivers in FLYEfit. This is what fitness guru Jackie Skelly hopes will continue to attract new members to the FLYEfit gyms in the coming year.

“The biggest barrier to people joining gyms is the contract, it causes the most negativity,” Jackie told recently. “It’s great to be in a new model where contracts are a not part of it and it is really up to the member to decide when they want to leave or if they want to keep their membership active.”

The money invested in FLYEfit has gone into the equipment, which Jackie says is some of the best on the market. She is particularly keen to highlight one piece of equipment, a bike called a RealRyder (see video below), which according to Jackie, will “blow your mind” if you’re into spinning.

“It’s the first innovation in gym equipment in about 20 years. The first non-stationary, stationary bike if that makes sense,” Jackie says.

“It has an articulated frame that means that even though you stay in the same place, the bike moves and you have the closest thing to an outdoor riding experience indoors. You can lean left and right and when you’re moving out of the saddle, the handlebars move with your body. You have the sensation of riding a bike properly as if you’re on a road and it burns 20 per cent more calories than your traditional spin bike.

“The real cool thing about is that you use your core muscles to stabilise yourself when you’re out of the saddle, just like a normal bike, so you get a full body workout.”

As well as the RealRyder, there is an abundance of some of the best cardio and weightlifting equipment around and although there mightn’t be any pool or a Jacuzzi, there are plenty of other advantages with the self-service online model.

For starters, you are in complete control of your membership package. You can sign up online and from your MY FLYE account you can manage everything, from your payment details to whatever fitness classes you wish to book. There are over 40 free weekly classes including the RealRyder spin classes and all classes are included in the membership package.

FLYEfit is the only model of its kind in Ireland and Jackie and the FLYEfit team plan to roll it out across Dublin and elsewhere in the near future.

“People have absolutely nothing to lose,” Jackie adds.

“If you join up and you don’t like it, you can cancel it after a month and for €29 a month, you have the chance to change your lifestyle.

“People are stunned when they see the gym. They keep asking ‘Where’s the catch?’ I just say that there isn’t any!”

FLYEfit, Airside Retail Park Swords

FLYEfit, Macken Street, Dublin 2

FLYEfit, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

FLYEfit, Ranelagh, Dublin 6